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Let’s do more together - celebrate being an active senior at The Joan and Penrith Regional Gallery!

Source: Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre | Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest
Archived 23 Apr 2017 - Posted: 25 Feb 2017
Alexandre Da Costa Photo: Laurence Labat
Why celebrate for one week when you can celebrate throughout March at the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre and Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest. If you havenít been to The Joan or the Gallery for a while, maybe now is the time see what is on during Seniors Week and throughout March!

Always wanted to try an art class? Be inspired by a gallery exhibition floor talk by Dr Shirley DabornCurator and Collection Manager – and then participate in an art workshop to create your own abstract art piece.  For only $5 to cover the cost of all materials, places will fill quickly so make your booking today at Penrith Regional Gallery.

For art lovers, Penrith Regional Gallery presents three diverse exhibitions, in the traditions of modernism, abstraction, and landscape. Opening on Saturday 4 March are Visions of Utopia, Hill End: Seven Decades and Rochelle Summerfield: A Wayfarer on the Nepean. These exhibitions give you the opportunity to view artworks from some of Australia’s most acclaimed artists, and to discover the quirky art and animation of Rochelle Summerfield.

Looking for an engaging or enriching experience? Come along to a show at The Joan where the quality of the performances will have you completely entertained and reinvigorated.

Be part of a discussion on issues and ideas that matter most to women as The Joan streams two events live from the Sydney Opera House's Talks and Ideas Program, All About Women, on Sunday 5 March 10am.  First up Academy Award-winner Geena Davis shares her hard won insight into Hollywood and the global film industry in her Women and Media presentation. How does film and TV culture reproduce gender stereotypes? And how can we change the industry so it reflects and celebrates real women and girls? Have your say as this talk is followed by audience discussion led by our local host Andrea Turner-Boys. Hear what Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Van Badham, Lindy West and panel chair Fauziah Ibrahima have to say as they discuss Nasty Women and how being a woman with opinions and a will to succeed can get you called "nasty", "hysterical" and "bossy" - all labels deployed to try to put women in their place! Grab a friend or come by yourself and meet other like-minded people in a relaxed, informal environment. An event to be remembered, enjoy lunch, a glass of wine and coffee – all included in the ticket price of $10.

Everyone’s favourite television quizmaster, Andrew O’Keefe stars in Gilbert & Sullivan Forever – a show that will have you singing along and escaping from the real world into the topsy turvy universe of mellifluous madness! Enjoy a complimentary morning tea before the show starts. Part of The Joan’s ever-popular Morning Melodies series, and is on 22 March at 11am, tickets are $20, book at The Joan Box Office or online.

The authentic rock star of the violin, Alexandre Da Costa will have you enthralled as he plays with heroism, magic and fire in his high energy concert Violin Extreme, the first performance in the Richard Bonynge Fine Music Series – the summit of musical brilliance – on 25 March at 7.30pm. Even if you are new to violin, you will be irresistibly drawn to the magic Alexandre weaves with his Stradivarius.  Be prepared for soulful sounds of one of the most recognized film scores for violin – Williams’ Schindler’s List, and the sheer drama of the musical march-like centrepiece of Romeo and Juliet, The Montagues and Capulets (sometimes known as The Dance of the Knights, that has gained popular notoriety as the theme tune of The Apprentice).

If symphony is more your style, then don’t miss the Penrith Symphony Orchestra as they perform pieces of early and fully developed romanticism of nineteenth century music.  Mendelssohn and Bruckner, 11 March, 8pm.

If home grown theatre is your passion, then Black Birds produced by The Joan’s own Q Theatre is the show for you. Emele Ugavule and Ayeesha Ash, two young women with a few things in common - names that seem difficult to pronounce, hair and the colour of their skin - have created a performance that will discuss, explore and offer a vision for what it means to be a woman of colour in modern day Australia. Come and see them in a performance about home, belonging and most importantly – hair!

If you are over 60, the NSW Seniors Festival gives you the chance to make new friends or get together with old ones at an array of local community events. So celebrate throughout March at Penrith Regional Gallery or The Joan, where there are plenty of new experiences to enjoy or share with friends, family and others.  So let’s do more together. 

Hurry and grab your tickets now!

The Joan Box Office – 47237600 – or the

The Gallery – 4735 1100

This article archived 23 Apr 2017

Andrew O'Keefe features in Gilbert and Sullivan
Black Birds produced by The Joan’s own Q Theatre
Hill End: Seven Decades - Ben Quilty
Hill End: Seven Decades - Amanda Penrose Hart - Church Hill End
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