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Benchmark Building Certifiers

Benchmark Building Certifiers

The benchmark in building certification

Benchmark Building Certifiers, can assist owner builders, builders and architects obtain development approvals from Council by using our specialist services. You can also have your building approval issued through us, quickly and efficiently. Whether it’s minor or major residential, commercial or industrial development, our professional and experienced team can help you.
Location: Penrith

Urban Approvals

Urban Approvals Pty Ltd are a privately managed company offering professional and efficient services to assist with a range of developments. Amendments to the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 have created various opportunities for both the public and private sector. The issuing of certificates and inspections can now be performed independently from local government. The benefits of these amendments allow the consumer to choose a more personal and specialised service when seeking building assistance and advice.
Location: South Penrith

Jim's Building Inspections Penrith

Reliability Guaranteed – Inspectors are vetted, checked and have full professional indemnity insurance. No Fine Print – easy to understand, terms and conditions you need to...
Location: Cranebrook

Matthew Freeburn Surveyor

Civil / Building Construction Land Development LAND, ENGINEERING AND MINING SURVEYOR Est. 1951
Location: PENRITH
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